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Boeing B-17 "Flying Fortress"
The Liberty Foundation's B-17 "Memphis Belle" is one of only 13 B-17's that still fly today.The B-17 dubbed the "Flying Fortress" as a result of her defensive fire power saw action in every theater of operation during WWII.The majority of all B-17's were operated by the 8th Air Force in Europe and participated in countless missions from bases in England deep into enemy territory. There were 12,732 B-17's produced between 1935 and 1945, of these 4,735 were lost in combat. Following WWII, the B-17 saw combat in three more wars, B-17's saw service in Korea, Israel used them in the war of 1948 and was even used during Vietnam.

"Memphis Belle" was built toward the end of the war and never saw any combat. It is painted in the colors and nose art of the original historic "Memphis Belle" B-17 that flew countless missions with the 91st bomb group of the mighty 8th Air Force, and was the first B-17 to complete 25 missions.

In 1989, N3703G was hired for use in the filming of the Memphis Belle movie in England. In July 1989 she crossed the Atlantic with another B-17 to participate in the filming of the movie. Since returning to the U.S. N3703G has continued in the paint scheme of the "Memphis Belle".

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Memphis Bell B17 Bomber

B17 Memphis Bell Flight to Spokane

B17 Memphis Bell Flight to Spokane #5

B17 Memphis Bell Flight to Spokane #3

B17 Memphis Bell Flight to Spokane