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The following images are of the Short-eared owl & elusive Long-eared owls that frequent this part of the State of Washington. The Short-eared owls hunt throughout the day and night and the Long-eared owls hunt at night.

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e1c.sw

Short-eared Owl on Hunt- #2 / 2015

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e6c

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e3c.Lweb

2015.01.26_Long-eared Owl.e1c.Lweb

2015.01.13_Long-eared Owl.e1c

2015.01.26_Long-eared Owl.e2c.sw

2015.01.07_Long Eared Owl.e1c.sw

2015.01.07_Long Eared Owl.e3c.sw

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e4c

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e7c..LG

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e8c

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e9c

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e10c.Lweb

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e11c.Lweb

2015.01.14_Short-eared Owl.e13c

2015.01.21_Short-eared Owl.e2c

2015.01.21_Short-eared Owl.e4c.sw

2015.01.21_Short-eared Owl.e3c

2015.01.28_Red Tailed Hawk.e1c.sw