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Experience the Seattle Japanese Garden after-hours at Moon Viewing. In Japan, o-tsukimi or moon viewing festivals welcome the arrival of the full harvest moon. Celebrate Moon Viewing at the Seattle Japanese Garden with cultural activities and performances by local artists. During Moon Viewing, the garden is magically lit with lanterns, luminaries and floating boats. Performances will include multi-lingual choral music by Sound Singers Japanese Choir; classical and contemporary Japanese music by Marcia Takemura, Chigusa Kitai and James Jennings and Danse D'Etre Joi (Dance of Being Joy) a light summer dance about chance meetings and romance with choreography by Helen Thorsen, and dancing by Sheri Brown Mary Cutrera, Will Fredo, Lin Lucas, Cara Ross-Berman, Alan Sutherland, Helen Thorsen. Haiku Northwest will read haiku inspired by the beauty of the moon. All photographs by: Scott H. Williams